December 16, 2010

Geek Girl Calendar to Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

How about instead of purchasing another calendar with supermodels in swimsuits for 2011 you go for a calendar featuring geek girls?  Not even models pretending to be geeks but actual geeks.  Women that would happily talk about lightsabers or gaming or comics or physics and go to conventions.  The calendar is about much more than just beautiful geek girls though.  A portion of the proceeds from the calendar support breast cancer awareness.  There has been a tag on Twitter for a while now called #BoobieWed.  On Wednesdays many users across the Twitterverse change their avatar to a boob centric photo.  It's not about getting that kind of attention.  It's a reminder to give yourselves a monthly check and to remind other folks to do the same.  Breast cancer is a devastating disease that has affected so many of us - directly or otherwise. 

The amazing Natali Heuss of Uber Dork Cafe has taken #BoobieWed to the next level by creating this calendar.  I asked her a few questions about the #BoobieWed Epic Geek Girls Calendar.

How did the calendar come about?
For the past year I have been participating in #BoobieWed on Twitter. Breast cancer is a cause that has hit close to home for me. Early detection is the biggest key in surviving a diagnoses. The ladies behind #BoobieWed have created an excellent tool to remind women (and men) weekly to check themselves. In this year, I have had the backing and support of so many AMAZING women that I have met through Twitter. Gorgeous, brilliant, awesome geeky women. I had recently done a blog post about women, how we treat each other in general and the differences I have experienced amongst my geek girls. We roll different. We are geeky, but we are definitely girls too. One of those facts tends to get lost in the other at any given time. So, it hit me- a way for us geeky gals to show our girlie sides, our geeky sides and support a very important cause. :) And the calendar was born.

What was the response like from the ladies you reached out to about participating?
OMG they were amazing! Everyone jumped on board and was so excited. Everyone picked their themes and months and there wasn't a single "I wanted that!" or anything. I'm not afraid to say it was one big squishfest. I am so honored to have every single woman in this calendar, but more importantly to call them a friend. I couldn't imagine a more awesome group of women.

Do you have plans to continue the geek girl calendar tradition?  Please say yes, I can't wait to plan next year's picture.   
Absolutely!! This has been such a positive experience, I think the girls involved all had a lot of fun and it benefits an amazing cause. How could I not want to make that an annual event? Next year's goal- to get all of us together for an Epic Geek Girls Slumber Party to launch it! I see cupcakes, dishing about Han, painting nails in superhero colored themes and sniping zombies.

The chosen charities that will receive funds are the Young Survival Coalition and Feel Your Boobies.  Natali has more information on these organizations and a full list of the geek girls featured in the calendar (I might have a Star Wars themed picture in it) right here at her blog.
Are you excited to order the calendar now?  I thought so.  You can pre-order the 15 month calendar for $15 right here


  1. I was so happy when Natali asked to use our hashtag for this calendar. As a geek and the co-founder of Boobie Wednesday its an awesome thing shes done. I love it.
    Veronica.. &

  2. Aha, that's where #BoobieWed started! :D

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