December 19, 2010

Geeky Links of the Week

My favorite links from around the interwebs this week!

Gingerbread TARDIS - Believe it or not, this is just one of several gingerbread TARDIS creations that can be found on the internet.  I guess that shouldn't be too surprising.

Not Your Average Silhouettes - Silhouettes are always a fun gift, but to me, these morbid designs are much cooler than just a profile.  There is a whole collection of creepy to downright horrifying.  I want most of them!

What Would Han Solo Do? - Clearly, Boba Fett wants to be just like Han!

Animation backgrounds - I can't think of a good way to describe this website.  If you enjoy animation stills, you'll like it.  It's backgrounds from all sorts of animated movies with the characters removed, and it's just really fun to see all the details.

Cthulhu pot pie - Pot pies are good.  Pot pies shaped like monsters - even better.  Even if you have no intention of making a tentacled pot pie, at least check out this this post for the pictures.


  1. Absolutely love these. I just wish I'd stumbled over here sooner so I could use some of them for Christmas surprises. :)

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  2. I really want all the killhouettes! :D

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