December 8, 2010

Holiday Giveaway!

It's the holidays!  Time for presents and sharing.  I have a huge pile of fantastically geeky things that I love, but I don't have room for.  My loss, your gain.  I put together a huge and varied pile of goodies to giveaway.  I'm even including the exclusive Savage Opress poster from the Clone Wars screenings! 


 The Fabulous Items in the Giveway
  • Savage Opress poster from the LA Clone Wars screening
  • Free Comic Book Day 2010 comics - Storm Lion, GI Joe, and Doctor Solar/Magnus
  • Ahsoka Pez
  • Jack Skellington 5" figure
  • Knights of the Old Republic, Volume 2
  • Legends of the Guard #1
  • 5 random Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Imps Ears
  • Disney Star Wars collectible pin - Mickey Mouse as Luke
  • Geek Soap's Imperial logo soap
  • Luxury Lane Soap's NES Controller soap
To enter, just comment on this blog entry with a valid email address and tell me one of the items on your Christmas wishlist.

Rules & Eligibility
- I ship via UPS, so you need to be able to give me a street address, no PO Box.  I promise I won't stalk you.
- US residents only, sorry.
- Enter by Sunday, 12/12 at 11pm Pacific Standard Time.


  1. Not entering to win (UK Person) But I figure someone should answer.

    "Peace and harmony for all"

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  2. - 3A Dropcloth Robot is on my list. Have you SEEN these things?!?

  3. An xbox 360 with kinect is on my list.

  4. - Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 2 Blu-Ray set.

  5. - LEGO Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-AT, that thing is sweet!

  6. it's not for sale but I need it.

  7. On my list: The "Daddy's Little Girl" Tee from Her Universe

  8. Not as an entry, but to share a bit...

  9. On my list: The Boba Fett Underwear set from HU.

  10. on my list- a Kindle.

  11. On my list: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season One Blu-ray.

  12. On my list: The BABE WITH THE POWER shirt from Think Geek. IN MY SIZE (really, I have big knockers). They've been sold out in XXL since it was listed. :( :(

    Or an iPad. It's a toss up.

  13. The email for this blog account is a good one. If you need me to post an email addy here, I will.

    Top of my wish right now is a copy of the SFX #46 special double issue World of Whedon

  14. looking for sandy claws to bring me a really awesome hat.

  15. My 10 yo son would love the Ashoka pez.

    To be honest there's not much on my list. My joy is seeing the kids open their gifts.

  16. on my wishlist: a Corellian stock light freighter and a harem of Twi'leks. That's reasonable, right?

  17. On my wishlist: The Discworld Night Watch books post-"The Fifth Elephant."

    sithwitch13 at gmail dot com

  18. Totally wanting an iPad this year or a pair of quad roller skates :D

  19. Some new clothes would be great.


  20. A team of house organizers to go over our home and help us donate stuff we do not need to those that do!

    franchesca dot havas at gmail dot com

    Thanks! :D


    And I want a drill press, because I <3 power tools for making stuff, and I need something to help my geeky jewelry line look more professional. :D

  22. On my list: Fountain pen ink. I lurve it. meilin [at] meilinmiranda [.] com

  23. On my list: 1x Sonic Screwdriver from ThinkGeek.

  24. All I want for Xmas is true love, adopting orphans and butchering hunters who hunt reindeer.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 2 on DVD is on my Christmas wishlist..

  27. I don't celebrate Christmas, but if I had a list it would definitely include the R2D2 pepper grinder. Fun and functional!

    copynatalie (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Chopsabers from thinkgeek

  29. I would love to get the Disney Star Wars collectible Mickey Mouse as Luke pin, so I can give it to my friend, who is part of the 501st and also works at disney world, for Christmas.

  30. A book celebrating the best movie of all time - The Making of the Empire Strikes Back. (That Savage Oppress would be a nice consolation prize.)

  31. GeeqShuq is the winner!

    Thank you all for commenting and for adding things to my wish list with your comments. ;)

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