December 28, 2010

Links of the Week

Here are some of my favorite links from around the interwebs in the past week!

TARDIS hat - A tutorial for making your own TARDIS knit hat!  I know nothing about knitting, but according to the comments, the instructions are decent.

Stanley Lau's amazing art - I stumbled across Stanley Lau's work thanks to a post by The Nerdy Bird (Jill Pantozzi).  He's talented, and he especially draws really wonderful females.  Dynamic poses, great expressions.  Click to read the post and then visit his Deviant Art gallery.

Burtonized Disney Princesses - These Disney princesses get a little Burton treatment from Tallest Silver.

Macabre Disney Princesses - I never tire of various interpretations of Disney princesses.  These lean more towards the zombie side, but they are equally awesome.

Star Trek themed nails - I am so taken by the patience of anyone who can paint nails like that.  My nails never get painted, not even in solid colors.  I just make messy blobs.  This person enjoys it though.  Click the link to find Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, and other nail themes.

MTV Geek - 10 Best Graphic Novels of 2010 - Disclaimer: Posting this link does not necessarily mean I agree.  It's a fun read though.  They are posting lots of year end wrap up lists that are worth checking out!

Crysknife - Handmade replica of the crysknife in the Dune miniseries.

io9's Best & Worst Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films of the year - Again, I don't necessarily agree, but it's a fun read.  Actually, I can hardly make any statements on the subject considering that I saw a pathetic amount of movies in the theater this year.



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