January 31, 2011

Contributing to Los Angeles Times Hero Complex

So… I have some exciting news. From time to time, I’ll be contributing to the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex blog. (insert excited squees here)

In my first article, I discuss why I’m excited to see HBO’s Game of Thrones:
Five Reasons Game of Thrones May Be a Royal Success

Even if you're not interested in Game of Thrones, you should click over and start following Hero Complex.  You'll find lots to make your geek heart happy.


  1. That is SO. VERY. COOL! Congratulations! Also, it's so awesome that the L.A. Times even HAS something like that. It was a "big deal" when the NY Times started reviewing graphic novels. *sigh*

  2. That was great Amy! I'm excited to follow....:-)

  3. Thanks guys!!

    I think it's great that the L.A. Times realizes the huge demographic that cares about the sort of things they post. Let's hope other major newspapers follow suit.

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