January 17, 2011

Geeky Links of the Week

10 Infamous Action Figure Variants - Learn about variants (that sometimes just have the slightest difference) that are worth a pretty penny.

10 Essential Nerd Foods - I think this is the perfect D&D marathon menu.  I have way too many of these items in my cupboard.

Amazing Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree - MTV talks with Greg Horn about his stunning themed tree.  Learn about the ornaments, but more importantly - see lots of photos for inspiration.  I want to do something similar next year.

Brian Chan's Awesome Origami - Creatures, V (from V for Vendetta), and WALL-E are among the featured images in this impressive gallery.

Make your own TRON bag! - I find this much more practical than making a Tron outfit, but I won't judge if you carry this in addition to it.  I recommend watching the how-to just to see the possibilities of solder.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cakes Pops - Really cute lollipops!  I would never have the patience to make them, but they are very cute.

1 comment:

  1. Batman and the Action Figure links were interesting.


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