January 24, 2011

Katie Cook's F**K YOU, BOX Cat Mini-Book

Do you have a grumpy feline in your life?  Do you feel like your cat is cursing you every time she looks at you?  Do you like to laugh?

I'm hoping you replied yes to at least the last question.  I'm going to assume you did.  These reasons plus many more are why you need to buy the digital download of artist Katie Cook's mini book about the inner dialogue of her cat: F**K YOU, BOX.

- Get inside your cat's head.
- Learn how to really annoy your cat.  Also learn why you really shouldn't annoy your cat.
- Read about how cats exact revenge.
- Find out how evil cats really are!

For $2 you get fun art, hilarious cat moments, and quick delivery.  I grabbed a print copy of one of these at San Diego Comic-Con.  When I unburied it from my stack of con stuff and read it (I won't mention the embarassing amount of time that passed), I nearly fell off my chair.  When I recovered, I immediately made everyone in my general proximity read it.  Now, I'm encouraging you to do the same.  If you already bought a print copy at a con this year, you should still get the e-version because it has additional pages of kitty hijinks!

Buy F**K YOU, BOX!

I should mention that this book is not for the children.  It has almost as many swear words as an episode of Deadwood.  Cook has plenty of other items for all ages.  She recently transformed characters from the Marvel universe into cats.  She draws the cutest Star Wars stuff you've ever seen.  Oh, she has an adorable webcomic called Gronk that is full of cuteness and lots of geeky references.
Katie Cook's Spiderkitty


  1. Katie's work is terrific. Just the right cartoony look that is so appealing. I love her Marvel cats. A high concept done to perfection.

  2. this is.....adorable!!!!


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  4. I already love Gronk, so this is a must when I have some money again! :)

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