January 26, 2011

Pink Raygun Post: Interview with Elizabeth Amber-Love Delaney

I've still got a lot to learn about cosplay.  I've really only just started.  Some cosplayers really inspire me to be more creative, and Elizabeth Amber-Love Delaney is one of them.  I talk with her about cosplay and Wonder Woman Day over at my new post at Pink Raygun!


  1. I never have felt the desire to cosplay. Maybe the is because I am a fat dude. Hehehe

    More power to those who do

  2. One of the many lovely people I've got to meet from dressing up! :)

  3. Greg - It's fun, though it does take a bit of self confidence to walk around in outfits. I have issues with that sometimes.

    Jedi-J - Oh, nice! I can't wait to meet both of you one day.

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