January 27, 2011

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Girl Genius

Agatha Clay.  She has a special place in my webcomic loving heart.  Girl Genius was the first webcomic I remember reading.  Strong  female lead, humor, entertaining cast, fantastic art and colors, great story, fabulous settings, and a talking cat.  It's like it was made for me.  Well me and several hundred thousand other readers.*  For me, it has the perfect mix of everything that a comic should be.  The story has been updated by Phil and Kaja Foglio since 2002.  That's almost forever in internet time.  I can't imagine the commitment required to update a comic three times a week for that many years, and I don't think there's any end in site.

What will you find in this comic besides the fabulous-yet-vague things listed about?  Agatha Clay is the primary character, and the tale starts with her.  She is the Girl Genius after all.  Though she comes from humble beginnings, her life takes a very sharp turn into interesting.  Interesting quickly turns into craziness and danger.  Exciting chases ensue, daring adventurers appear, and there is a huge steamship.  The tale covers action, adventure, a little romance, and mad science.  It's actually hard for me to stop talking about how many good things this webcomic offers.  I realize I'm still being vague, but I don't want to give away the story to new readers.  If this webcomic is new to you, I encourage you to spend a few minutes checking it out.

Since the story has been steaming along for so long, it can be overwhelming for new readers to jump in.  You've got several options.  Check out the "About GG" section on the right side of the website.  You'll find information for new readers, FAQs, cast bios, and even a summary of the story so far if you can't resist diving into the middle of the story.  I recommend going back though.  Sure, you'll spend a little more time - but don't you want to see how far the story has come?  The characters have all taken journeys.  It's all available for your reading pleasure for free on the internet, or if you're like me, you can buy the printed copies so that you can flip a page instead of click a button. 

Check out the first strip of the gaslamp fantasy here.

Girl Genius
Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

If you are already a reader of Girl Genius, what are some of your favorite things about the comic?  No spoilers please.

* I actually don't know what their readership numbers are, but I'd guess that's a minimum.


  1. I discovered Girl Genius a little over a year ago and I LOVE it! I started from the beginning, totally worth it. I love studying the strips because they always hide clever little details in the background.

    I, too, have been buying up the hard copies and I'm looking forward to their new novel based on the comic, as well! (I swear I don't work for them, I'm just an enthusiastic fan :->)

  2. Jennifer - I love having the paper copies to go back through. :D

    Phyrra - I am in complete agreement.

  3. I love Girl Genius! The humor, the MAD SCIENCE. Deep in my biology-major heart, I yearn to take over the world and then laugh maniacally about it.

  4. What's not to love? The Jaegerbeasts might well be my favorite aspect of it all, those lovable lunatics. The Foglio sense of humor has always worked for me, and this has it all over.

    One of my fondest dreams is for GGC to be made into a movie (or series thereof) in one way or another, and for me to be the voice of the Castle.

    Everyone I know has one enormous question that even the characters in the story are beginning to cotton to: Who - or what - is Higgs?!

  5. Katie - I hope you're practicing your laugh (just in case)!

    John - Oh, it has such potential for a fantastic movie or miniseries!

    Higgs surely has to have a wonderful Shepherd Book style backstory. That's what I'm hoping for anyways!

  6. I love GG because of the strong female characters. When I discovered it, I found myself thinking "wow, if I had a daughter, this would be the first comic we would read together". I also love GG because of the wild science in it. As Katie, I am a biologist and I would love to be able to be a mad scientist. And I love GG because its humour is the greatest... You always laugh with each page published.
    Also, like Peregrine John, I dream of a movie, but also I dread that they will manipulate the characters so they are more mainstream. There is no actress outside there that could be The Agatha...

  7. ANuRa - You're right, I can't think of a perfect Agatha either!

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