February 22, 2011

Awkward Embraces Premiere Party Recap

Last Friday in Beverly Hills, Comikaze Expo threw a premiere party for season two of the hilarious webseries Awkward Embraces. The location was the swank Celebrity Vault. Attendees discussed Star Wars, Seaquest, and cosplay in front of stunning black and white Helmut Newton photos. Well, at least that’s what the attendees I hung out with discussed.  I didn't attend the event with the intent of reporting on it, but here's a quick and dirty recap!

A DeLorean, Bumblebee from Transformers, and KITT from Knight Rider lined the street outside the Vault on Canon Drive. It might have been the closest nerdy cars have ever been to Rodeo. Party attendees braved the rain and cold to take photos of the famous cars. Back indoors, Michelle Rodriguez of Lost fame spun tunes. I knew I liked her style when she played “The Gambler.” A few people danced, a lot of people took advantage of the open bar, and everyone seemed happy.

Awkward Embraces Premiere Party

Awkward Embraces Premiere Party

Awkward Embraces Premiere Party

A woman walked around in an almost Slave Leia costume. She rocked the skimpy bikini outfit, but it was a very loose approximation. I mention it because I don’t think she was a Star Wars fan, and if Comikaze Expo or whomever hired her would have asked anyone working on the party, they could have got an authentic Rebel Legion-card-carrying Leia. (Apologies to said woman if she was, in fact, a Star Wars fan.) I hope they keep that sort of thing in mind when organizing their inaugural expo in the fall. Reach out to nerd friends, we can help!

I don’t know how many attendees came specifically for Awkward Embraces and how many stumbled upon the party by accident, but either way, I think enough people came through the door to make charity Gamers United very happy. Partygoers had to pay $10 to enter or donate a comic book/graphic novel or video game.

I was there for Awkward Embraces of course, and I was bummed that they weren't able to screen the first episode of the second season. It was a fun shindig, but I had to get home to see the new stuff. You guys should check it out now. If for some reason you still haven’t watched season one, go do that first.


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