February 23, 2011

Disney Princesses as Everything But Disney Princesses

How can you not love Disney princesses?  They're lovely, they have great clothes, and a few of them actually get to kick butt instead of being saved by the prince.  We also apparently love to interpret them as all sorts of other characters when we draw them.  The latest hipster Disney princess images reminded me that there are a lot of interpretations of the princesses out there.  Here are some of my favorites:

Sith Disney Princesses - JosephB22 spun Disney princesses in a way that I hadn't seen before.  Make them evil Sith Lords!  And it works.  They make the Dark side look hot.  I don't know how it came to be that the Dark side has cookies, but I bet sending these ladies on a recruiting mission for evil would be a lot more effective.  Click the link to see a few other princesses given the Sith treatment.

Burtonized Disney Princesses - Silver Tallest makes the Disney princesses look creepy, but in a nice way.  The Tim Burton style enlarges the eyes and makes them all look a little anorexic.  More than they already did.  These illustrations belong in a storybook with an equally creepy tale.

Superhero Disney Princesses - I want Belle's outfit, and I want it now.  I'd love to spin around all the Disney tales so that in the end, a Superhero Princess saves the Prince and the world.  Though the artist, Melissa Erickson, appears to have taken the images down, you can click the link to see all of the hero crimefighters on the Blastr article above.

Twisted Disney Princesses - This interpretation adds a little macabre and a little zombie to the powder-perfect princess look.  Jeffrey Thomas added a little fantasy (uh, more fantasy) to their look too.  I feel like they should be wandering around in video games, kicking ass and taking names.  I especially appreciate that he included Nala in his gallery and princess sidekicks.

Hipster Disney Princesses - And let's not forget about the new princess meme on the block - hipster princesses.  There are so many to look at, but this link from Geekosystem collects some of the funniest.

Any others that I'm missing?


  1. If someone could find the gorgeous porn versions done a while ago, that'd be awesome. They were so beautifully rendered.

  2. There is an adorable picture on DeviantArt of the princesses in a cute pin-up style. Not very scandalous, like other pin-up versions of the princesses, but fun and sweet:

  3. Belle's super outfit looks a wholw lot like Sheila the thief drom the D&D cartoon.

  4. These are way cool! The Sith princesses are my favorite!!

  5. The pin-up style princesses are adorable!! :D

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