February 5, 2011

Geeky Links of the Week

Here are some of my favorite links from the past couple of weeks!

BioShock cake topper - Actually, this was on top of a cupcake tower at a wedding.  The cupcakes were topped with blue morpho butterflies.  Be sure to check pics from the whole wedding!

Free Papercraft Car - The folks behind the webcomic Monster Commute have created a beautiful, print-it-yourself steampunk paper car. It's a perfect activity for adults and kiddos.

10 Geeky Chimes for Your Doorbell - Now that you can get customizable doorbells, think of all the nerdy things you could program it to play!  This list at Geek Dad gives you lots of ideas.

Lego AT-AT ice cream truck - Remember the t-shirt of a cute, pastel AT-AT ice cream truck?  Someone built it from Legos.  Of course they did.  And it's adorable.

Embroidered Tentacle - I know, that doesn't sound very exciting.  But look at the image and click on the ink.  The tentacle is created with a wacky style of embroidery that I've never heard of, and the result is really cool.

Embroidered pillow of the Buffy episode Hush - Hush is a Buffy fan favorite, and for a Whedon craft swap someone created this beautiful (and creepy) embroidered pillow.  It follows the episode's storyline, and I want it.  A lot.

Doctor Who cookie kit - A couple of years ago in the UK, there was a fantastic kit for sale that included cookie mix and Dalek cookie cutters.  Yep, I said Dalek cookie cutters.  Look at the pics and be sad that you don't have one.

Map of Battlestar Galactica's 12 Colonies - The folks at Quantum Mechanix have come up with another insanely detailed and beautiful item.  They do that.  This time it's a shiny map of the 12 colonies of BSG.  io9 talks to writer Jane Espenson and science advisor Kevin Grazier about the map.

Website Alignment Chart - If websites had Dungeons & Dragons alignments, what would they be?  This chart includes sites like Facebook, Paypal, and Weather.com.


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