February 27, 2011

Geeky Links of the Week

Floppy Disk Laptop Bag - It takes 42 floppy disks to make this bag, and it will store a whopping 60MB of data.  Check out the link for a video of the construction.

Christina Hendricks Talks about All Star Superman - Hendricks talks about her role (she's voicing Lois Lane) in All Star Superman and Whedon's Avengers with Jill Pantozzi.

Project Dalek - Star Wars fans build R2-D2 droids, and Doctor Who fans build Daleks.  This site is the home for plans, reference photos, and where you can talk to other people who have built Daleks.  You have to register to partcipate, but it seems like an easy project.  Go "Create. Create."  (imagine that in your best Dalek voice)

Castle Grayskull in snow - When life gives you snow, make He-Man's fortress.  Obviously.  What I particularly love is that this isn't the first time the builder has made Castle Grayskull from snow.  Visit the site to see more photos and video.

A History of Star Wars Maps - Who doesn't love lots of maps in their favorite science fiction universe?  The Star Wars galaxy has had several, and many are collected in this post.

Hand Painted B Movie Bags - Who wouldn't want a hand painted purse that says Return of the Fly?  These one of a kind bags feature some titles you've heard of and several that you haven't.  Check out her site to be inspired to have a B-Movie marathon.

Wheel of Time map - Apparently bags and maps are a recurring theme in this post.  If you like Wheel of Time, you'll appreciate this map.  One fan tracks the three main characters - Rand, Perrin, and Mat - around Randland.  It's pretty interesting to see their travels.  I refuse to go back and re-read the books though.  No matter how much I want to.


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