February 10, 2011

New Column at ScienceFiction.com

So, because I'm loony and always looking for more writing opportunities, I have a new weekly column at ScienceFiction.com. It's a fun, relatively new site with lots of great posts and info! I'll be writing some reviews for them too. My first column is about the inspiring Women of the Game of Thrones!

I think I'll start doing a weekly summary post with links to my other articles so that I don't overwhelm you all with links.


    Supercroc Warriors the science fiction graphic novel by Craig Frank Crowley has abnormal crocodiles wearing a burqa while roaming around Bangkok stalking their next victim.
    Fighting for animal species survival, the Supercroc Warriors use their own advanced weaponry of robotic croc droids, flying drones and explosive spear tipped mini-copters to advance their cause against human domination over animal species.
    Supercroc Warriors the book trailer video has now been released on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjI6O-pBqqA and bit torrent sites globally,
    http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6148173/Supercroc_Warriors ,
    http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Supercroc-Warriors/37961c7ad4d67957ea0f8b0c066a3bbff8d710f25145 and many others.


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