February 13, 2011

Quickie Review: Love and Capes #1

Love and Capes – Ever After #1
Written and drawn by Thomas Zahler

More than one comic has attempted to show what a superhero's everyday life is like. The real life usually ends up being dark and depressing and leaves you begging the superhero to put the cape back on.  Love and Capes revolutionizes the superhero at home experience.

Though it's numbered #1, this issue can be considered #14 in the entire series. It picks up where the 2010 Free Comic Book Day issue stopped. Mark, aka the Crusader, and Abby, bookstore owner, are back from the honeymoon and have to deal with the realities of everyday life. They have to find a new apartment, deal with financial issues, and have dinner with new couple Darkblade and Amazonia (Mark's best friend and ex-girlfriend respectively). That's a lot to deal with before you add in the stress of superhero commitments.

The issue is fun, and it delivers plenty of laughs. Domestic Mark and Abby are as adorable as ever, and they're handling the hurdles of marriage well so far. I really liked seeing a different side of Darkblade, and it's fun to see Mark use his x-ray vision to make sure that the steaks are done. And Amazonia has a softer side, who knew?

The style of the comic matches previous issues. There are eight panels per page, the colors are soft, and the word bubbles are slightly transparent. It's clean, the character style fits the story perfectly, and it's different than anything else I've seen on the comic book store shelves.

I had a few people in line around me at the comic shop when I asked to get the issue pulled from my folder. Instantly a chorus of “I love that series” and “wait, I want that added to my pull list” sprang up around me. If that's not a sign you should be checking out Love and Capes, I don't know what to tell you.

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