February 2, 2011

Review - The Guild: Vork

I know I wasn’t the only Guild fan that was happy to hear that Felicia Day would be working on more comics. The three issue series released last year was fun. The next issues being released are one-shots that focus on a single character of the Knights of Good. Vork is the first target, I mean, subject. How could you not pick up a comic focusing on a character who spouts gems like: “Women. Can’t live with ‘em… they will not go out with me.”

We learn that Vork lived with his elderly grandfather. He’s a controlling grandson, but he thinks that everything he is doing is for the best. He’s just trying to keep his grandpa in good health. It’s putting a wedge in their relationship though. His grandpa is the polar opposite of Vork. He takes risks, and he just wants to be wild. But Vork’s need to control is so strong that it’s even noticeable in game. He makes schedules for the Knights of Good, and he likes to carefully critique each fight. No one can tolerate being controlled like that. Vork’s behavior pushes everyone away. He has to learn to compromise and let go in real life and in the game.

I enjoyed reading the background on this character. When you watch The Guild, it’s apparent that Vork still retains a few of those characteristics. It’s scary to know that we see the toned down version. Jeff Lewis (the actor who portrays Vork) co-wrote the comic with Felicia Day. They make a good team, and I'm sure having the actor that has to get inside Vork's head was an asset to writing his backstory. I also liked watching the comic flip between the real world and the game. The color palette changes from drab earth tones to the saturated jewel tones of the game. It’s an effective contrast, and it makes me want to play games. The escape factor is appealing.

If you’re a fan of The Guild, the comic will just add to your enjoyment. It’s fun to get a glimpse of how each member of the guild got to where they were. The game is just a game, but some of each person gets infused into their avatars. You can see where some of Vork’s weird tendencies come from. I’ll definitely keep picking up the one-shots as they are released!

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  1. This is a sore spot for me. EVERY TIME I go to the comic book store we frequent they are all out of any of 'The Guild' ones. I'm very sincerely considering changing my comic book shop allegiance.

  2. Oh sad. :( Maybe you can add it to a pull list so that you'll always have one in your file?

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