February 24, 2011

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - The Meek

It's the last Thursday of the month, and at my blog*, this means featuring a shiny** webcomic.

If you like adventure, mystery, and storytelling that will grab you, you should check out The Meek by Der-shing Helmer.

The story centers on a young girl.  Angora used to live in the jungle, but she's sent into the civilized world by her grandfather to find the Center.  She has to catch up fast. She's inquisitive and brave, or is it reckless?  She has to save the world, so a little recklessness is necessary.  She latches on to someone who has made a map that should show them the way to the Center.  Just as they get on their way, chapter one ends and the next chapter starts.  Chapter two introduces us to a new cast of characters and a different setting.  It's time to see more of the world Angora must save.  As far as worlds go, it's not pretty.  You see hatred and betrayal, and it's apparent that a war is in the making.  Angora might decide it's not worth saving.

A recommendation from a friend led me to this webcomic.  Though I admit to being confused at the beginning of the second chapter when Angora disappeared, I went back and read the "About" section to get my bearings (if you want to read more about the world, check out the cast or the very helpful Meekipedia. Helmer even tries to keep it spoiler free).  We're just experiencing the beginning of what I think will be an adventurous and good tale.  The art and coloring are beautiful, and it's obvious that Helmer puts a lot of time and love into this webcomic.  Which is how it should be.  I am looking forward to watching more of the story unfold.

Obligatory note: I will caution you that in the first chapter Angora is always naked or mostly naked; it might not be the best webcomic to read during your lunch at work or around the kiddos.  Just saying. 

Start at the beginning.

The Meek
Updates once or twice a week, no specific day

*As of 2011, I used to attempt this more frequently and it didn't work.
**As in the Firefly 'verse definition.  If you don't know Firefly... go rent, buy, or Netflix it now.


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