March 20, 2011

Geeky Links of the Week

Star Wars Craft Book - io9 gives us a sneak peek of Bonnie Burton's new Star Wars Craft Book.  You can bet I'll be talking about this too when mine arrives.  You can pre-order it on Amazon for just $12!

CMYK Starship Enterprise - This is one of the better uses I've seen for expired print cartridges.  Check out the link to see the other sculptures the artist built!

Nerdy jewelry links - Yes, I'm linking to a collection of links.  Jen of Epbot found some neat jewelry on Etsy, and I liked all of them so it's best just to send you to the list.  Pi/e earrings, cute pendants, and a Hogwarts ring.

Evolution of Video Game Controllers - Video game controllers have come a long way.  Check out this poster (you can zoom in for details), and see how many controllers you recognized and how many you've used.

Star Wars Miniland at Legoland - Geek Dad has a very cool time lapse video of the Geonosis Arena coming together for the new Star Wars area at Legoland.

Make a Pet Mynock! - My friend Autumn (of Geek Six) made a suction cup mynock for her car. Yes, she is awesome. Go read about how she did it. Stuff like this fuels my desire to have a geek craft party!
3rd Conference on Middle Earth - Did you know there's going to be a Middle Earth conference in Massachusetts next weekend?  I didn't.  You can attend panels, such as
“Blondes Have More Fun!: Images of Legolas Greenleaf," eat seed cakes, and otherwise celebrate the world of Tolkien.


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