March 16, 2011

LEGO Coffee Table

Sometimes you just need to transform your living room coffee table into a LEGO surface.  It was an easy job.  Remove the glass from the Ikea table, measure carefully, buy Luan plywood from the hardware store, buy plenty of LEGO plates, cut the plywood and LEGO base to fit, and glue the LEGO plates to the plywood.  Tada!!

Put a bucket of LEGO bricks beside the coffee table for maximum enjoyment for you and your guests.  Remeber to put LEGO bricks away at night so that your cats don't chew on them.  Or try to eat them. 

from the Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut set


  1. This is so awesome, Amy! I want one...

  2. Very cool! What kind of adhesive did you use?

  3. I used Super 90 spray adhesive!

  4. This is very cool...I made a coffee table out of books but this is way geekier- kudos to you!

  5. A coffee table from books is a great idea, too!

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