March 20, 2011

Rambling Round-Up

Here's some articles I posted around the interwebs this week!

Clone Wars Citadel Rescue Recap - A recap for Newsarama of all the exciting events in the last Clone Wars episode, Citadel Rescue.  Count Dooku micromanages, Ahsoka gets off the hook, and Tarkin and Anakin bond.  The exciting season finale for Clone Wars is coming up on April 1.

Why I Love Elfquest - For my latest column, I talk about my admiration for Elfquest.  The comic was groundbreaking for its time for many reasons, and there were some strong female characters.  Crazy!

Four Reasons to Love Stargate SG-1 - In my first post for, I talk about why SG-1 is dear to me and why I think other people should give it a chance.

Galactic Kiss - Check out this new take on the famous V-J Day in Times Square!


  1. Good Clone Wars recap and Elfquest piece.

    Elfquest was a good comic and ahead of its time. In addition to forging a path for women in comics, she also forged a path in Red Sonja cosplay. So there's that.

  2. Thanks, Trey!

    She rocks the Red Sonja outfit. I got to interview her (Wendy Pini that is, not Red Sonja) recently and she mentioned that costume. I need to transcribe that interview and get it posted!

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