March 27, 2011

Rambling Round-Up

Here's some articles I posted around the interwebs this week!

Taking Tabletop Games to the Next Level - If you like playing board games but want to try something that's not from the department store shelf, here's how you can discover a whole new world of games!
I Want Samantha Carter on My Team - I've started a series of posts in my weekly column for, and last week the spotlight was on Samantha Carter.  I really do want her on my team.
Game of Thrones Primer - Are you looking forward to watching HBO's Game of Thrones?  If you haven't read the book the series is based on (or even if you just haven't read it in a while), check out this primer so you can get to know the key players.
Review: Finder Voice - Review of Carla Speed McNeil's incredible science fiction comic, Finder.
Review: Love & Capes Ever After 2 - Review of the most recent issue of Thom Zahler's Love & Capes.


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