March 29, 2011

Review: Here at Hogwarts

My cat approves of this comic.
A comic about life, Harry Potter, and the Wizarding World theme park in Florida?  Yes, please.  As soon as Lucy Knisley and Nora Renick-Rinehart announced this crazy idea on their blog, I was all in.  The two artists/creators share a studio space; they've both recently been through break-ups and they escaped to the fantasy world of Harry Potter.  They thought it would be great to visit Wizarding World and write about the trip and the above things and American consumerism and more!  They started a project on Kickstarter to raise funds for the trip to the Wizarding World.  I donated immediately.  I've read Lucy Knisley's Stop Paying Attention comic for a while now, and I enjoy her insightful and funny writing.  I knew her take on all of the above would be entertaining.  Other people agreed; Lucy and Nora blew past their $2,500 goal in no time and ended up raising over $7,000.

They planned their trip to Wizarding World and because of the extra money raised, they planned a few side excursions that they would also discuss in the comic.  When they returned from their trip, they wasted no time in finishing "Here at Hogwarts."  They had to create the comic, screenprint four different covers (you can choose among the house colors for the cover), sign the comics, and Lucy had a stack of drawings to complete for backers that contributed over a certain amount.  They emailed a completed digital copy first, and the book arrived shortly thereafter.

The book goes through Lucy & Nora's visit day by day.  It's a travelogue but in comic format - which in my opinion is pretty genius.  Lucy illustrates the rides and shops and details conversations with employees and people they run into at Wizarding World. They talk about the good things and the urge to buy things and the strains of heartbreak.  I actually learned more about the theme park from this comic than I have from any article I've read on it.  This comic makes me hope that someone, someday will create and publish a series of comic book travel guides.

Besides Wizarding World, they visit Disney, a manatee refuge, and the Holy Land Experience.  The comic is more than just a play by play of what happens throughout their trip.  It's bigger than that.  It is full of human moments, not all of them wonderful and shining, but worthy of being examined nonetheless.  If you like Harry Potter, theme parks, or travelogues and comics, I think you'd enjoy this book. 

Buy your very own copy of "Here at Hogwarts" in paper or digital format at The Burrow Studio Store.


  1. Hey there I am so glad you posted this I definitely want a copy. Also getting a chance to see your blog is so great because it is refreshing to know that there are other geek girls just like me that like to write about all the same kind of stuff.

  2. There are lots of fantastic geek girls! It is always nice to know there are more of us. :)

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