March 31, 2011

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Twilight Monk

It's the last Thursday of the month, and at my blog, this means featuring a shiny* webcomic.

You want adventure and fantastic art from a webcomic?  Check out Twilight Monk by Trent Kaniuga.

The tale is about a cursed monk who must find a cure for his affliction.  To do so, he must leave his home and monastery.  It's a relatively new comic, and the story is still charging up.  It only took a few pages to hook me though, and I keep coming back.  I mean, just look at the those backgrounds.  It's a beautiful thing to look past the characters and word bubbles and see a world with depth and life.  This is the kind of comic that I enjoy going back to look at again and again.  The use of color and brushes also grabs my attention.  Kaniuga also uses different textures and brushes.  It sounds like all these elements would be fighting against each other, but they knit together to create a seamless image.  I'm looking forward to seeing this story continue for a very long time.

You can start at the beginning, here.

Twilight Monk
Updates every Monday, 1 or 2 pages

*As in the Firefly 'verse definition.  If you don't know Firefly... go rent, buy, or Netflix it now.


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