April 6, 2011

Back from WonderCon

I just rolled back to Los Angeles from my visit to WonderCon in San Francisco.  Besides the convention, I took time to visit wine country, eat lots of food, and swing by Lucasfilm.  Before I left for that trip I was lucky enough to visit the grand opening of the Star Wars Miniland at LEGOLAND.  Given all that activity, I do have lots of exciting posts and pictures coming over the next several days. 

At WonderCon, I attended some fabulous panels about comics, psychology and comics, ElfQuest, and Clone Wars.  You can bet I usurped the Iron Throne.  For now, I'll leave you with a picture of that feat.  I'll be posting some photos of LEGOLAND and the costumes from WonderCon soon.  The rest of my WonderCon coverage will go up at a few different sites, and I'll sum them up in a separate post.


  1. Sooo jealous you got to sit on THE throne!! LOL. Can't wait to see your coverage of WonderCon. (I need to get my pennies together to go one these days!)

  2. Awesome!!! Was it as comfy as it looks?

  3. The throne was the coolest part of the convention for a Game of Thrones geek like me. This version did not have spiky swords!

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