April 10, 2011

Geeky Links of the Week

My favorite links from the past couple of weeks!

Muppet Theatre - This dedicated fan built a Muppet Theatre playset from scratch.  The sides open, the curtain goes up, and the back wall is fully decorated.  It's really beautiful; click the link to see several photos of the finished piece.

Best Nerd Books Money Can Buy - Blogger from Things to Do in LA lists eight books that are the best of the best.  Selections cover topics such as Star Wars, architecture, and pasta shapes.  I want almost all of the books on this list.

Lord of the Bling - Check out this comic that explains why Lord of the Ring should really be called Lord of the Bling.

Dress Made from Golden Books - Growing up, I had dozens of Golden Books.  They were the little hardcover storybooks with a golden spine.  I treated mine like treasure.  A designer has made these childhood memories into a dress, and it's gorgeous.  Click the link to see pictures!

Crossplay Justice League - This cosplay group at WonderCon turned heads.  It's the Justice League, but crossplayed.  I particularly like Aquawoman.

English to Aurebesh Translator - Translate English to Aurebesh with the click of a button.  I think I'll be using this translator to make greeting cards in Aurebesh.

Printable Lightsaber Craft - Build your very own lightsaber from paper, posterboard, and cardboard with these handy instructions!


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