May 27, 2011

Kessel Run Diaries: Bill Murray's Star Wars

This morning I woke up with Bill Murray's Star Wars song in my head.  Yes, that one.  The Star Wars song from his Nick the Lounge Singer character on Saturday Night Live.  I thought to myself, "Hey - wouldn't it be a sad thing if other people haven't heard this? What if they don't know?"  Also, I don't want to be the only person who has this tune stuck on repeat.  So without further adieu, the Star Wars song as heard on SNL with clips from the movie:

To see the actual skit when Bill Murray sang this, click here.  Note the rockstar shirt.

Nick the Lounge Singer was probably Bill Murray's most popular recurring character, and the Star Wars song is his most famous bit.  To watch an Nick the Lounge Singer entire skit, which I recommend, check out this video.


  1. I made this video last year for a digital media class - thought you'd enjoy. The song is by a local ACapella group, Moosebutter. (

  2. Yes indeed, It was a sad day, and then I read your post!. (serves me right for not watching more telelvision) I love Bill Murray and I loved this, Thank you!

  3. @Kova - I have to admit to not watching much television either, but someone shared this with me a few years ago. It makes me smile. :)

    @Stephen - Thanks for the link!

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