May 13, 2011

Kessel Run Diaries: How Will The Clone Wars End?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars makes me a happy girl. It had me from the movie. In fact, it sort of pulled me back into the Star Wars universe. I can't get enough of the new characters and stories that the series has brought us in the past three years. It's becoming more sophisticated with each episode. The visual storytelling and written script have come so far since the film. Many of the episodes in season three achieved cinematic quality. The story has such big themes that I often forget it's technically a show for children. I mean, I'm an adult (or so my driver's license tells me) and I discuss the show with fellow grown-ups. I was somewhat jarred recently when I remembered that kids watch.

I bought a stack of Clone Wars Valentine's cards from Target. I forgot to pass them out – except for one. My boss's kid was nice enough to give me an adorable Cars themed Valentine, and I wanted to return the love. I picked out a Captain Rex card and sent it home with her. Then, for the first time, I thought about the kids. This little boy thinks Rex is the coolest and the greatest. He likes the clone troopers. What is he going to think when the inevitable Order 66 comes? What will the kids do with Dark side Anakin? I know people don't give enough credit to children. Maybe they can handle it. It seems harsh to me though. Adults know what is coming. At least, I think and hope they do. Anakin's destiny isn't a secret to us. Lots of kids know what's ahead, too. Ahsoka's fate, however, is a mystery.

I have no idea when the series will end, hopefully not for a long time, but I have hopes about Ahsoka. I know I'm not the first person to discuss this, but I don't want it to end badly for her. For the children and also for me. I adore that little Togruta. We know that Anakin has attachment issues. I believe Yoda assigned Ahsoka to Anakin because he thought a Padawan would help Anakin work through those issues. Anakin and Ahsoka exchanged a significant moment at the end of Wookiee Hunt (the season three finale). Anakin tried to apologize for letting Ahsoka get into such a bad situation. He is a friend of guilt after all. Ahsoka turns it around and tells him that if it wouldn't have been for all of his teachings, she wouldn't have been able to survive. She thanks him. It was far from a direct “I don't need you anymore, Master,” but it was a big step in their Master-Padawan relationship.

How will his attachment to her play out later when he embraces his anger and fear? I hope she happens to be on another planet far, far away. I'd like to see Ahsoka escape the Jedi massacre and live a long life. I mean, she'd be in hiding so the quality of that life is debatable, but she'd be alive. Since Order 66 was shown in episode III, I don't expect that it would be shown again in The Clone Wars. Maybe we'll see the aftermath? It could end as soon as Anakin puts on the helmet.

How do you think The Clone Wars series will end? What will Ahsoka's fate be? Leave your thoughts , hopes, and concerns in the comments.

Note: If you don't like The Clone Wars, simply move along without commenting. I want to know what fans think will happen, not debate the good/bad points of the series.

Addendum: It was totally Blogger's fault that this didn't go up as scheduled yesterday. I will be posting this column on Thursdays.


  1. I have a feeling Ahsoka will escape Order 66. Remember the live action series could still happen, and she could be a character in that too, and with her popularity, it wouldn't surprise me that they not only won't let anything bad happen to her, but let her go on in another series. I kinda wish they'd kill Ahsoka off in the end, myself; it would give Anakin one more reason to lose it later on, it would be one more thing that pushes him over the edge with his anger and attachment issues, as we know he does not get over those, lol. She could get a very heroic death, although the more likely in-universe thing to happen would be that Anakin takes her out at the Jedi temple. We know they won't do that. And as you say, kids watch this show, so I don't think they'll kill her off at all. I definitely believe she'll escape Order 66. As for the series itself, I have no idea how they might end it. They actually can't end the Clone Wars during the series, because as we all know it doesn't end until Revenge Of The Sith. And even the original Clone Wars cartoon took care of the lead-in to the movie by showing General Grievous' kidnapping of Palpatine. Maybe the final storyline will have to do with what leads up to that battle above Coruscant?

  2. As the mother of a 7 year old fan I'm pretty confident that most kids who watch Clone Wars have seen Episode III, do know where it's going and can cope. She loves Plo Koon but knows he's going to die in Order 66, and has taken the Obi-Wan rationalisation for Anakin, that he's not really Anakin after he turns to the Dark Side.

    That said, those characters whose fates are NOT predetermined, specifically Ahsoka and Rex ... well I just hope for the sake of George Lucas that he doesn't kill those two off. After Echo was killed my girl wanted his phone number so she could tell him what a bad man he was and demand that Echo NOT be dead. Never underestimate the fury of a 7 year old whose favourite clone just got toasted.

    I don't even want to think about her reaction should Ahsoka or Rex end up dead. Honestly, if they're going to do that I want to know in advance so I can NOT let her watch since I'll be the one having to deal with the consequences. As an adult I can understand the dramatic and logical reasons why either death might be good for the story, but as a parent, NO THANKS!

  3. I'm torn. I think Ahsoka needs to die, and in a bad way, to serve the story of Anakin. But I can't see Lucasfilm killing off that cash-cow when they can milk the character for years to come. That being said, Killing her off to service the story, or just having her "survive" that purge, are both two easy way outs for the writers. They need to come up with a really twist or twelve that both help to push Anakin closer to the dark side and further develop the character of Ahsoka so that could continue her story afterwards in a way no one expects.

  4. The attitudes of many clones in Traviss's Order 66 novel is something I can easily see Commander Rex relating to - a feeling of betrayal and anger toward the Jedi for letting his brothers die. It would be cool to see Palpatine's Order 66 message to Rex differ from the message to Cody: specifically than Anakin is exempt from the Order.

    As for Ahsoka, I agree with Kev above that her death could be a plot point propelling Anakin further down his dark path. Perhaps she is cut down by a Jedi on the steps of the Jedi Temple for defending Rex's Clones?

  5. Well, I haven't followed the whole series but, I tend to think that she could survive the order and go in hiding. It gives the potentiel for further stories later where Vader would try to find her (as long as Kenobi and Yoda) while Luke and Leia are still infants.

  6. @Glendon - do you know something we don't? Rex is due a promotion? As for Ahsoka dying saving clones at the Jedi Temple? No, I think that's Etain Tur-Mukan you're thinking of and we don't need Ahsoka going down THAT path!

  7. Personally, I would prefer if Ashoka fell in love and left the order to follow her heart. No death of a beloved character for so many youngsters.

  8. @Firebird - Geeking out a little bit?

    I keep expecting the series to turn dark and show more of why Anakin goes to the Dark Side. You know, the stuff that was not shown in ROTS...

    So, I hope that she survuves, but I am expecting her to die..and probably before Order 66.

  9. @Christopher - well maybe a *little* bit :-) but I only know that thanks to a long discussion on a SW comments board, not from having read the EU book. However what Glendon suggested was, intentionally or not, a direct lift from one of the Republic Commando novels.

    I'd like Ahsoka, as a role model for little girls, not to go all Disney Princess. I'd also like her to survive of course and have to trust that the writers can come up with something better than abandoning the Jedi Order for lurv to make that happen.

    Meanwhile, as Amy says there are lots of little kids who think Rex is the coolest thing ever and having him gun down a Jedi in the back would break an awful lot of little hearts.

    There are worse things they could do than have both of them die honourably, but having witnessed my daughter's reaction to Echo dying I really think it would be much better if they could manage to have them both survive honourably instead.

  10. @Firebird - my kids love the clones as well. Cody and Rex are people to them, not clones. Every time I remind them that these guys become Storm Troopers I get "the look" from my daughters...

    One thing that I have noticed in the series is that the Jedi are becoming more elitist. You might expect that from some of them, but not Obi Wan...So, again, Anakin's attachment issues might cause a problem. Most of the order only value the clones over driods because they fight better, both are disposable.

    Anakin places the same level of value on the clones as he does his driods.

  11. She doesn't necessarily have to leave the Order for Love.
    Ive always operated under the assumption that quite a few Jedi (like Plo Koon & even Obi-Wan) are borderline "disenfranchised" with what the Jedi Order has turned into since the onset of the war.
    Ive always felt it went with the aspect of Mace's quote in ROTS "Our ability to use the force has diminished" Not so much that the emergence of the Darkside & its rise to power was "leeching" off of a finite amount of Force, But rather, the bad decisions the lack of trust, political intervention ,using the Clones as cannon fodder ,Turning the Jedi Order into an Army of soldiers and all the little things in Wartime that occur are whittling away at the lightside.Because they're becoming something they weren't intended to be.
    I can see her leaving the Order without turning to the darkside or dying. But that just my selfishness too, I really would rather she lived:P

  12. The Traviss work has been mentioned a bit here, and that opens another EU possibility for Ahsoka, that of a "gray Jedi", a non-Council Force user. Though most of the EU canon mentions that the grays were targeted by the Purge as well as the Council Jedi, so even then Ahsoka wouldn't be a happy party girl. Somehow she has to go - somewhere - before the events of Episode III. I'd like to think that she will have an "honorable" fate as a fictional character and her eventual fate will deepen and enrich the story.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. And speaking of clones and Jedi, another theme from the Traviss work is that the most critical event in the Clone Wars/Rise of the Empire was the Jedi becoming soldiers in war, and, particularly, taking command of an army of slave-soldiers. When you think about it, one of the gaping holes in the Lucas canon of "Yoda-as-mentor/Jedi Master" is that he never at any point expresses misgivings or regrets about this. Misgivings ABOUT the clones, yes, and about their potential as weapons...but never for the deaths of all the guys in white who die for him and the Republic. Kinda sketchy for a "perfect Master", eh? The fairly gaping moral hole there suggests that even the leader of the Council had slipped quite a ways down the slippery "Dark Side Slope". No wonder ol' Palps was able to get away with murder - the Council had made so many moral compromises that it's a wonder they didn't have some Padawans out at the Coruscant Mall selling Sith Scout Cookies.

    So you see, Christopher, I'm with your daughters - I'm a clone fanboy, and I get a kick out of Rex, Cody, the late Echo, and their pals. I hope the EU continues to explore them as characters, and as part of the SW universe...

  15. I do think the clones are cool. Nice job making me not hate the bad guys. But, due to growth acceleration, most of these guys are going to be either (a) dead or (b) old janitor clones by the time the original trilogy comes around. So, on account of their fast aging, don't know how much story telling beyond the clone wars we will see or even want to see (I mean, we already got to see the Death Star trash compactor... no mystery there).

    As for Ahsoka, I am personally in the she needs to die camp. I realize that she is a favorite with the kids, but I think her death is critical for the overall story. Having her go into hiding is not the best ending for her to have purpose in the story. Personally, I am not really a fan because I find that she has all of Anakin's bad traits (whiny!!!) without being quite as awesome in the skills department. She either needs to get killed by Dooku/Grievous/Ventress or turn to the dark side (as they have been hinting at) and duel with Anakin. Possibly die in some other way that Anakin could blame the council for putting her in danger, which would help explain why he really distrusts them so much once we get to the movie. In any case, I do think her fate needs to be significant to the story, and honestly, her death would serve more purpose than her going into hiding. If it happened just before we get to Episode III (before the kidnapping), her death might explain Anakin's lukewarm reception to Padme's news about the bab(ies). If he just lost someone close, he would maybe not be so receptive to having someone else that he would need to worry about protecting.

  16. From the time her character was first announced, I felt that she would die, and that it would either occur as a result of a mission Anakin sent her on, or that she'll get into trouble and Anakin won't be there to be able to save her... and he'll feel that he should have been there.

    To me, she's basically just as a step towards his turn to the Dark Side. She won't go Dark and I really don't see her as the hiding type. However she goes down, it will be fighting.

    My biggest question from the start is about the 501st, and specifically Rex. Putting aside that them being in the show doesn't match with the timeline of the RepCom books (of course, according to the show those books don't seem to exist anyways... just sayin....)........ I wanna know what Rex is gonna do when Order 66 comes down.

    We know there are clones that didn't follow the order because they believed it was wrong, and I know Rex is a dedicated soldier, but I have a hard time seeing him being able to follow that Order.

  17. this is going to sound bad, but ahsoka should die by the hand of anakin OR through order 66. it's not just that i don't like her, she's superfluous and ain't around during the ot as far as i know.

    ...i am totally hoping anakin will kill her though. ooooh, or palpy will dispose of her quickly and ruthlessly without a thought a la cedric diggory.


  18. My prediction? Ahsoka & Ventress will end up killing each other. Ahsoka will win, but Ventress will deliver a fatal blow. This will hurt Anakin in unexpected my opinion.

  19. Great question.

    Ultimately there are two branches in the road, either Ahsoka dies or she lives. From these two fates there is numerous story telling choices Mr. Lucas and Mr. Filoni could take. I would love to see Ahsoka live and to see her story continued in the Live Action Series as a Jedi on the run from order 66.

    Her absence from Ep. 3 can be explained away by being off screen on a mission, TCW has established that she is not always by Anakin's side. The fact that she is not mentioned could be explained by how brief a glimpse of time we are really seeing in Ep. 3.

    I expect Ahsoka to die at TCW end, but I hope she lives...

    -Pete (

  20. Wow. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I need to digest all of these and come back with replies this week!

  21. ok, I have a really bad one for you.

    She dies in order 66 and ROTS is modified to show her death scene in a future re-re-re-release of the Prequil Trilogy.

    Sorry, that thought sucks, but is in line with previous revisions. :(

  22. William: The canon seems to be setting up Rex as "Anakin's Clone Commander" much as Cody was set up to be Obi-wan's. Given how Cody reacts to Order 66, I'm not so sure that Rex would have hesitated. He's portrayed as being a very "GI" sort of soldier, not the type to question a lawful order.

    The Traviss clones who (and I have to admit that the RepCom tales have to be verging on the "dubiously canon" status due to the - IMO ridiculous - changes to the Mandalorians to shoehorn in the Obi/Sateen non-romance) refused to execute O66 were commandos, the least "reliable", most "buggy" of the clone designs, if you buy Traviss' own logic.

    So I can see Rex (assuming he survives to the time period of EpIII) at the head of the 501st crushing the Jedi coup in the Temple itself, and feeling he'd done a good day's work.

  23. But I never did answer your original question.

    My guess is that the animated series will run several more seasons, getting darker and less "juvenile" each season (I hope - we really don't need more Zillo Beast...). I'm not sure it will bring us up to the beginning of EpIII, but it might get close.

    I'm thinking that many, if not most, of Anakin's CW pals have to die to bring him to the isolated, angry guy he is at the beginning of ROTS. Rex will probably get blown away in some pointless Outer Rim siege. Ahsoka...hmmm.

    I think that Ahsoka has to be the very first of Anakin's Dark Side victims. Not a deliberate one, not like Dooku, but she should die either trying to stop him doing something full-gonzo-Sith or as collateral damage of the same. And Anakin should have the time to realize that she's seen the Dark Sider in him, know that he could save her but that she would immediately go to the Council and expose him...and deliberately turn away and let her die. Of course, he'll have all sorts of rationalizations later...but it'd be a worthy death if hers was his first real glimpse of the abyss beneath his feet.

  24. I seem to recall Filoni mentioning in an interview about the time Season 3 premiered that they are already working on stuff for Season 5, so I think we have some more time yet, lol

  25. come on guys ithink that ahsoka will end up turing to the darkside and she might kill rex before anakin can get to her. the kids might be really sad but seriously the series is already pretty intense. remember those mind controlling worms from season 2 in think that scared the crap out of my younger sister and brother

  26. come on guys ithink that ahsoka will end up turing to the darkside and she might kill rex before anakin can get to her. the kids might be really sad but seriously the series is already pretty intense. remember those mind controlling worms from season 2 in think that scared the crap out of my younger sister and brother

  27. I can see a few possibilities happening. The most likely scenario is her dying prior to order 66, or dying during it, perhaps as a test of anakin's loyalty to the emperor. That strikes me as a very interesting idea, perhaps fighting her in the temple before he slays a room full of "young-lings". Other possibility's include her joining the dark side, or somehow escaping order 66, though the latter is all the more unlikely, although i could see her mind being warped to the dark side if she saw anakin and obi wan fighting and saw obi wan leave anakin for dead on mustafar (presuming she fell for the emperors lies)... There are many possibilities that could happen to her, but i think the real question is the fate of the show. I was always hoping for something like this to come out, but when it closes down, what then? Will they continue on and launch a show for the galactic civil war? Or perhaps delve into the creation of the empire and the construction of the first death star. Perhaps even into the introduction of new clones into the empires ranks (as described in star wars battlefront 2). Or perhaps go back and make a show about the old republic and the battles fought there. There are plenty of possibilities they could explore... I love the idea of going into depth about the wars waged, the battles fought and the hero's that fought in them. It adds new dimensions to star wars and makes it that much greater.

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