June 21, 2011

Game of Thrones Finale Feast

PSA: This is a spoiler free post.

The first season of Game of Thrones has come to an end. I’ve been watching the show every week with friends, and we decided to celebrate the last episode in style with a themed feast. Seven people threw this 72 course feast together in less than 48 hours. Okay, maybe it wasn’t 72 courses.

I recommended two links to the group even though they probably already knew about them:
Westeros.org food listing
The Inn at the Crossroads

The Westeros.org page lists every mention of food and drink in the series. The book number and page are listed. It’s a mouthwatering list that includes summerwine, mint tea, snails in honey and garlic, strawberry pies, and roasted onions. The nobles might be struggling over the throne, but they do manage to eat a sinful amount of food from time to time. The Inn at the Crossroads is a relatively new site that takes food and drink from the book and translates it to recipes. They perform research to find out if there are existing medieval era recipes that match (and since it is medieval sort of food, there usually is). They try them out and list the old recipes and modern adaptations. They point out what they liked/disliked about each version along with notes about what didn’t work. Their site is fascinating to peruse even if you’re just a fan of food and not of the books.

Are you hungry yet?

I went in, even though they are House Stark (I'm a Targaryen)
I chose to make beef and bacon pie and lemon cakes. I used the modern versions of both recipes. The beef and bacon pie filling was thick with gravy and everything you dream medieval food would be. Meaty, pungent, and almost chewy. By the time I thoroughly sampled it, the pie was missing at least ½ cup of filling. So amazing. The lemon cake recipe was easy to follow and the result is a pleasantly sweet, spongy cupcake sized treat. The texture is somewhere between a Madeleine and a pudding cake. I used the glaze from the medieval recipe instead of dipping the cakes in lemon curd.

The rest of the group made: honeyed chicken, fruit tarts, onion and cheese pie, Sansa salad, and spiced wine. All those recipes can be found at The Inn at the Crossroads. We ate like kings, and we made it through the evening without any bloodshed. I want an excuse to eat like that every weekend.


  1. Posts like this make me realize how much I dislike living in the middle of nowhere.

  2. What amazing sites - must watch the rest of the series (have to download, 'cos no word on when they will be shown in this country)

  3. I knew about the first link (thanks to you, I believe) but that 2nd link is just what I hoped someone would do, having seen the comprehensive listing on westeros.org! This is going to be endless fun.

  4. Mmmm, my mouth is watering! Sounds like a wonderful feast!

  5. I am thrilled at the way that The Inn at the Crossroads site has developed. It was just the thing I was hoping for.

    I just came across a wonderful article about making the food in the fiction we read creates a stronger tie (and it of course mentions A Song of Ice and Fire):


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