June 6, 2011

Geeky Links of the Week

Some of my favorite links around the interwebs over the past couple of weeks:

Grant Gould's SDCC sketchbook - One of my favorite artists, Grant Gould, is doing a super cool thing and letting folks that can't make it to SDCC order his sketchbook ahead of time.  You have until June 20.  I mean, it has Velma Fett on the cover.  What else do you need to know?

Hogwarts cake - I actually thought this cake was a model for a minute.  It looks that realistic.

Gronk Book 1 available for order! - Gronk is a webcomic by Katie Cook that updates every Friday.  It's adorable, funny, and full of nerdy references.  You can now pre-order the first book of collected comics and extras.

Star Trek: TNG Amigurumi - Little, cute yarn versions of The Next Generation characters from Picard to Guinan.

SNES Doctor Who Opening Sequence - Super Nintendo style version of the Doctor Who opening.  Love it.

Star Wars themed wedding - I love when people fully embrace themes, and I don't know how this wedding could be any more Star Wars-rrific.

Sci-Fi Silhouette Portraits - Victorian style silhouettes featuring sci-fi and fantasy characters.

Atomic Fudge - This Etsy store is serving up geek-themed fudge.  They're not just slapping on geek phrases either, they're doing their research.  For example, their Doctor Who Fish Custard fudge is vanilla with Swedish gummy fish.  Nom.

Spaceships! - This site has lots of spaceships exactly to scale.  You can drag and drop them to compare Serenity to the Enterprise.  My only complaint: the Millennium Falcon isn't included.


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