June 1, 2011

I Went to the Renfaire and All I Got Was This Lousy Turkey Leg!

I got my visit for Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in at the last minute. I’m glad I waited until the last day of the faire. It might have been the only time I’ve been to this faire and not drowned in my own sweat. It was overcast, cool, and only a tiny bit humid. Perfect weather for being outdoors in corsets and heavy costumes. I actually didn’t dress up, but I imagine folks who did appreciated the breeze and lack of direct sun. Have I rambled enough about the weather for you? Okaaay. I’ll continue.

This is my fifth year of attending this faire, and I’ve developed a pretty set routine. I have favorite foods, vendors, and performers. I like seeing the familiar faces and being reminded every year that yes, the shepherd’s pie is as tasty as I remember. Change is good though, so this time I made it a point to see a few new acts and take the time to browse through shops I usually breeze past. I decided to definitely eat my favorites but to make the real goal of the day to feast upon as much faire food as I could (yes, that absolutely was one reason why I didn’t lace up in a corset).


Given that lofty goal, food was the first activity of the day. I ate a full lunch despite the fact that it was barely 11am. First up was a toad-in-a-hole (herbed sausage inside delicious, buttery, messy pastry dough) and a healthy serving of ribbon fries. They absolutely ate those in the 1500s. With ketchup. After stuffing myself, I wandered around some of the shops but mostly carved a path to the Fool’s Stage to catch MooNiE. I always try to see him and/or Broon at the faire. MooNiE is a funny juggler, tight-rope walker, and multi-talented guy. He always gets the audience rolling.

SoCal Renfaire 2011

I wandered more, considered buying skirts and a pair of soft and lovely leather boots, and I ended up in front of the meat pies stand. It happens. I ordered shepherd’s pie and got mead and parked my butt at the Rogue’s Reef to catch the Poxy Boggards and the Merry Wives of Windsor. It’s the “naughty” stage, and somehow I’d never made my way in for a show. The songs, especially the ones from the Merry Wives of Windsor, had me in hysterical tears. I especially cracked up at the sign language interpreters. I’ve learned many things from Bonnie Burton, but the tip about watching sign language interpreters is gold. I took mental pictures of the signs for dirty words and acts. I don’t know when they’ll come handy, but I know it will be useful information.

SoCal Renfaire 2011

After enjoying the raucous songs of the Reef, my companion and I met up with friends, and we strolled through the guild and encampment areas. I watched a blacksmith and his apprentice work, I saw the Witch-king standing around, I bought a new ceramic mug, and ended the day with a churro, steamed artichoke, and bruschetta. I walked out with a very full belly and dust covered feet. It was a perfect renfaire day.

Witch King at the Renfaire

You can see the rest of my photos from the day here.


  1. Nazgul at the Ren Faire? I've gotta start paying more attention and go to one near me some time. I think the biggest one is south of Atlanta.

  2. Sounds like fun! I need to go to a renfaire some time, though it looks like there currently aren't any in Hawaii :(

    I know what you mean about sign language interpreters--they're great! I had a college course about Roman society (not politics and the military, but the fun stuff like slavery and women and sex), and there was a deaf guy in the class. His interpreters provided a delightful visualization of our lectures.

  3. Witch king... *sigh*... Hey, some people think it's a fantasy con. Why not?

    My amazing timing with moving to a new house meant not even visiting faire (when I usually work it). Next time I'll be there, and will keep an eye out for the Curvy Geek and hopefully say Hi!

  4. I always wanted to see a Star Trek away team at the RenFaire. Just planting a seed.

  5. A consideration for later in the year. Near Christmas (From Thanksgiving to Christmas anyway) is the Dickens Christmas faire. Think Renfaire, but in Victorian Era and indoors. Yeah it's in NorCal, but the weather is nice, the food is slightly different, but just as good (They also have an absinthe bar) Can Can, and many similar bands, but different songs (Including the naughty stage) and more (including Steampunk for those that like that sort of thing). It's great fun.


  6. @Kara - Nazgul, Klingons, you never know who will show up.

    @Eleni - Rats, too bad there aren't any in Hawaii. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in that class.

    @Peregrine John - I will definitely be there next year and in costume, darnit. I'm thinking about checking out the faire in Corona before it wraps up.

    @Darius - That does need to happen.

    @Generalsteam - That sounds lovely, thanks for the heads-up!

  7. This is a really good idea that you have going on.


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