June 15, 2011

June 18: League of Extraordinary Ladies Worldwide Meet-Up

What are you doing this Saturday, 6/18?  How about meeting new geeks in your area?  It's not too late to RSVP for or host a get-together for the first League of Extraordinary Ladies (LxL) Worldwide Meet-Up!

The LxL was founded in 2010 by a small group of geeky gals who longed for real life connections with like-minded ladies. Our motto: “ordinary women creating extraordinary connections.”  It's made a huge difference for us to have fellow geeks in our daily lives to connect with.  We want to help other people find geeks - and despite the name, it is wide open to ladies and dudes.

You can read all about existing events in NYC, Ireland, and more at the LxL website.  You still have time to host an event in your city: invite a friend, pick a location, and we'll help promote it until Saturday.  If no one shows up, you still hang out with a friend.  If lots of geeks show up, you'll make new friends.  Win, win.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles, please come to the meet-up at Meltdown Comics.  It's sponsored by Archaia Entertainment and ScienceFiction.com.  We'll have:
- a food truck!
- cupcakes!
- Giveaways from Archaia, Quantum Mechanix, Comikaze Expo, ScienceFiction.com (ThinkGeek gift certificate) and more!
- lots of geeks!
This is a public event with free admission. Again, guys are welcome.  Please come say hi!

RSVP for the LxL Los Angeles Meet-Up here.
Use hashtag #lxlmeetup for the night's activities


  1. In my mind this event leads to you ladies (and dudes) into an adventure involving Steampunk styled airships and finery. Sorry just my random mind running away with me there, hope the events a success :)

    Also I like the blog :D

  2. Hey, could be worse. On reading the title, part of my brain instantly said, "But if it was the League of Outstanding Ladies, the acronym would be -" and then the rest of my brain ganged up on the first bit and slapped it around.

    But you do give interesting notions for a photo shoot of the event, which someone should absolutely do. (Not me, I'll be camping on a beach a little north of there.)

  3. Bearded Wonder - I think one day it will! :D

    Peregrine John - There will be photos posted eventually; we took several.

    It ended up being a fun and busy night. Almost 200 people attended the L.A. meet-up, and I made lots of new acquaintances. :)

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