June 2, 2011

Kessel Run Diaries: Star Wars Celebration VI

When news about the next Star Wars Celebration comes out on the day I post my Star Wars column, I have to talk about it, right?  I'm glad you agree.

SWCVI will be back at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on August 23-26, 2012.  You can buy tickets and book hotel rooms now.  Last year I think attendees could still buy general admission tickets at the door.  Since this announcement is so far in advance, tickets might go faster.  If you want the fancy VIP package, I'd definitely plan on purchasing it immediately.  Some people are acting surprised at the 2012 date, but I think that's been on the table for a while.  Instead of 30 years for Return of the Jedi, we'll get 35 years for A New Hope.*  Just think - we're saved from merchandise covered with Ewoks!  Whew.

I am a little surprised at the repeat appearance in Orlando.  Attendance was higher for Celebration IV in Los Angeles, and an optimistic part of me (it's small, but it's there) thought they would alternate coasts.  I understand the appeal of Orlando.  The city is overflowing with affordable hotels and lots of activities.  I tend to make the convention the destination, but I'll be adding a few days on this trip to go to Wizarding World and Epcot.  I think.  Hot weather makes me cranky, and the humidity makes it worse.  It's not ideal circumstances for me to walk around theme parks surrounded by screaming children.

Reservations aside, it's spending four days surrounded by the best fans in the world celebrating Star Wars.  It will be awesome, and I'm jazzed.  I'll see you there.
P.S. Does anyone else think they chose Orlando just so they could continue the Lando jokes?

P.P.S. You can see my photos from Celebration V here.

*No - I don't really know if the 35th anniversary of A New Hope is what we'll be officially celebrating.


  1. Orlando...I know! I was hoping for a West Coast Celebration too. Not sure if I can make this celebration either...
    But if I do....we will be tacking on extra days for Wizarding World, as well!

  2. C-IV was great, was really hoping it'd be back in LA. Orlando already gets one up by having SW Weekends... why do they need to have the Celebration too?

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