June 20, 2011

Rambling Round-Up

Links to stuff I've posted around the interwebs in the past week!

Cover Your Legs with Geek - Over at Pink Raygun I display a list (with photos) of some delectably nerdy stockings.

Smell Like Your RPG Character - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has released a new series of scents inspired by tabletop RPGs.  I discuss them and try out one of my favorite character combos (I got to smell like an elf - win).

The Fate of Star Wars Depends on The Phantom Menace & a rant - When any talk about anything new in Star Wars comes up, the haters come out.  I discuss the 3D conversion and rant against someone who said that Lucasfilm doesn't show any "true fan appreciation."

Quick blurbs
I write lots of quick blurbs on neat products and stories for Nerd Approved, Fashionably Geek, and That's Nerdalicious throughout the week.  I'll start including my favorites:
Stunning Corpse Bride Cosplay
Darth Vader Dollars
Vintage Style Star Wars Dress - also, I just ordered one of my own.


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