July 5, 2011

Rambling Round-Up

Here are bits I've wrote around the internet over the past two weeks!

Get Your Cosplay Ready for San Diego Comic-Con - It's not too late to prep a costume for SDCC; here are my tips on putting something together in a hurry.

In Defense of Sansa Stark - People don't tend to love Sansa Stark. Though I don't blame them, I tried to look at the world through her eyes and understand why she behaves as she does.

Game of Thrones Season One review - Speaking of Game of Thrones, here's my review of the first season. I discuss what worked and touch on the few things that didn't come across just right.

Having Geek Friends - It's made a big difference for me to finally find and be surrounded by geeky friends. In this post, I talk about how they have improved my life.

Quick Blurbs
Wearable Tatooine Sand Wristwatch
Doctor Who Dalek Dress DIY
Muppets Fight for the Iron Throne


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