July 17, 2011

Rambling Round-Up

Here are links to articles I've posted around the internet over the past two weeks! Making this list made me realize why I've been so tired lately.

New Convention in Town: Comikaze Expo - Comikaze Expo is coming to Los Angeles in November, and I'm looking forward to. Read my article on Geek Girls Network to find out why.

Must See Panels & Booths at San Diego Comic-Con - Saying there's a lot to see at SDCC is an understatement. A huge one. I've gone through the list and picked out some panels, booths, and parties that I think have universal appeal.

Harry Potter Highlights: My Favorite Scenes - The Harry Potter movies have taken audiences through an epic journey. The Boy Who Lived traveled a long path to get to the point where he could face down Voldemort. This list represents my favorite scenes from each film. Putting that list together made me realize how much I'm going to miss those movies.

Harry Potter: From the Beginning - The same as the above except instead of favorite scenes, it's a quick and dirty summary of each movie in the series.

Hermione Saves the Day Again - Hermione Granger is always there to pull Ron and Harry out of danger. I like that girl.

How I Lost My Sci-Fi Virginity - I haven't been a geek for my entire life. Almost though. And I remember exactly how it started.

American Gods 10th Anniversary - Have you read American Gods? If not, read this article and then go read this genius bit of Neil Gaiman's work immediately.

Her Universe Makes Sci-Fi Jewelry Sexy - Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein's awesome company that makes sci-fi merch for the ladies, is releasing new jewelry at San Diego Comic-Con. This toaster necklace is just one of the new, shiny pieces.

Quick Blurbs
LEGO Star Wars TV Special
Middle Earth Map Dress
LEGO Batman Cave


  1. Amy, Can I just say, you're awesome! I so enjoy reading all your posts. Thanks so much for all the info and updates! Maybe we'll run into each other again at SDCC!

  2. Man, I so wish I could be at SDCC for that Cylon toaster necklace!

    And I totally remember that episode "The Game." As a kid, I think I was especially interested in any episode that featured Wesley Crusher, because 1) he was a kid, so I could sort of live on the Enterprise vicariously through him, and 2) yeah, I had a crush on him.

    Also, Hermione rules! I put her at #2 on my Top 10 characters I want to be list. It's an old post, but she'd definitely still be at the top if I redid the list today!

  3. Trish - Thank you so much for the kind words. :) I hope to run into you, too! I'm going to try to be at the Her Universe early Thursday to grab a toaster necklace.

    Eleni - It's an adorable design!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who crushed on Crusher (I had to say it). ;)

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