August 16, 2011

New Trailer for Season 4 of The Clone Wars

Season 4 of The Clone Wars is premiering with two episodes on Friday, September 16. I don't have to remind you that it's the same day as the release of Star Wars on Blu-ray. If you need to find me that weekend, I'll be in front of a television somewhere to be determined watching Star Wars. All. weekend.

We'll see the first two parts of a three story arc during the hour premiere: Water War and Gungan Attack. As confirmed at The Clone Wars panel at Comic-Con, we'll be seeing Captain Ackbar.

Along with the premiere date news, Lucasfilm released a new trailer for the season. The new tagline is Battle Lines. I'm hoping that means more time on the action side of war and less time on the political topics. The trailer definitely makes it seem that way. We've seen some of these clips before, but the last minute or so is all new. It seems that Anakin is falling further towards his dark path. At its heart, I think Star Wars is about the story of Anakin Skywalker and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his struggles in the upcoming season.

Can I also just say: this series is visually impressive. I wish I could watch it in a movie theater every week.


  1. Awesome!!! I love Anakin's conflicting emotions in this preview. Nice build up to Episode III.

  2. Can't wait. This series has seriously matured visually since it began. I love that they continue to raise the bar.

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