August 2, 2011

Rambling Round-Up

Insert pathetic excuse involving Comic-Con and tiredness for my lack of posting here.
I'm finally catching up and feeling back to normal. In that vein, here's a list of articles I've written elsewhere on the internet over the past couple of weeks! (Note that there's a new site in this list - yay for contributing to IGN!)

Best Games in Sci-Fi & Fantasy - My list of games I'd love to play in sci-fi and fantasy. Also: fantasy novels need more games that aren't chess.

My Favorite Costumes of San Diego Comic-Con - The usual parade of fantastic, disturbing, and uh... interesting costumes were on display at SDCC. I feel like I saw hundreds of them. These are ones that I loved for sentimental reasons or because they are just so well done (two words: horse heart).

Review: Magic Beyond Words - Lifetime made an unauthorized movie about J. K. Rowling's life. I reviewed it. You might already have a bad feeling about it (and you'd be right), but indulge me and click through. It's my first negative review.

Conan O'Brien Crashes Comic-Con - O'Brien brought the Flaming C (designed by Bruce Timm) to SDCC during the Green Lantern Animated Series panel. As you can imagine, he totally stole the show.

Green Lantern Animated Series: What to Expect - What happened at the Green Lantern panel before Conan O'Brien showed up and derailed the party.

Falling Skies Panel Coverage - The actors and creators on the Falling Skies panel gave away a surprising amount of information at their SDCC panel. News about aliens, tactics, characters - don't read if you wish to remain unspoiled.

Peggy Carter: More Than Captain America's Girlfriend - Character profile of the movie version of Peggy Carter. She's sort of kick-ass.

10 Attractive Minds in Sci-Fi TV - I find brains much sexier than brawn. Not that I mind brawn, especially paired with brains. Anyways. It was a fun and silly list to make.

SDCC 2011 Recap - Down and dirty recap of Comic-Con for

Sebastian Stan on Playing Bucky Barnes - My roundtable interview with the actor who plays Bucky Barnes in Captain America. He discusses preparation for the role, including physical training and how the comic book character is different from the movie interpretation.

Review: Captain America - I was surprised by how much I liked Captain America. I fell pretty hard for scrawny Steve.


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