September 7, 2011

Geeky Links of the Week

Superhero Dinosaurs - David Resto mashed up dinosaurs with Marvel comic characters, and the Smithsonian took notice. Click through to read an interview with the artist.

Pink Dalek - I've seen a lot of Dalek dresses around conventions lately. I still think they're cute, but I was happy to see a picture of a pink one at Dragon*Con.

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology Exhibit - A fun interview with the team behind the Raiders traveling exhibit. Sadly, no dates or locations have been announced for the U.S. yet.

Alien Life More Likely on Dune Planets - Enough said.
The Dune That Never Was - Speaking of Dune, check out these costume designs and storyboards from the Dune that could have been. Alejandro Jodorowsky started work on the film in 1975, but a lack of funds kept it from happening. The concept art is totally work checking out.

Captain America fan poster - Great fan designed poster for Captain America: The First Avenger.

A Song of Ice and Fire fan art collection - This new blog is compiling all the A Song of Ice and Fire fan art ever published on the internet. It's very easy to spend a lot of time looking around this site.


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