October 31, 2011

If they celebrated Halloween in the Star Wars universe...

Aside from Life Day, not a lot of holidays are mentioned in the Star Wars universe. Maybe that's because the inhabitants of every other planet saw the Holiday Special and decided to keep their days of note to themselves. Probably not a bad idea. But - could you imagine Halloween in the Star Wars galaxy? I bet trick or treating on Coruscant would be fabulous, perhaps less so on Tatooine. The residents of the upper levels of the city planet probably give out the Star Wars equivalent of a full size candy bar, but Jawas strike me as the type to hand out droid parts instead of candy. We won't even think about what the Tusken Raiders would pass out.

I have a good feeling about the costumes, too. Girls across Naboo would probably dress up like the Queen and end up tying their hair in knots. If the Rebels were still on Hoth, they'd be dressing up their pet tauntauns in Ewok outfits. The tauntauns would hate it as much as dogs in our universe do. Little Wookiees would make paper mache rancor heads, and Lando would dress up like Han - oh, he already did that, didn't he?

Stormtroopers would celebrate the holiday by doing this:
Stormtroopers 365 project, photo by Stefan
Every Youngling kid without midi-chlorians (I bet Younglings wouldn't be allowed to celebrate Halloween, those Jedi can be so mean!) would have this bag for candy:
Bag from Her Universe, designed by Katie Cook
Overall, it would be a good time. I mean, you've seen the end of Return of the Jedi, the galaxy knows how to throw a shindig. They should do it for occasions other than the end of an evil empire.

For Star Wars Halloween fun, visit the official Star Wars blog. You'll find ILM Halloween party invites, 1977 Star Wars Halloween cards, vintage costumes, and more. And last but far from least, let's not forget Star Wars pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Seth used the HerUniverse/Katie Cook bag as his trick-or-treating bag. It holds A LOT!

  2. I could actually see the Ewoks dressing up like this:


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