October 5, 2011

On the sexiness of Kit Fisto

You could say I have weird taste in men and aliens. I find Cardassians, Voldemort, and Darth Maul to be exceptionally attractive. But above all of them is Kit Fisto - Nautolan, Jedi Master. Is it the head tresses that can sense the emotional state of others or is it the multiple hearts? It's both of those things and more. I appreciate his positive attitude and the fact that he smiles in the midst of heated battle. The abs don't hurt either. And on their home world of Glee Anselm, one way Nautolans communicate while submerged is by reading the swirls in each others eyes. I want Kit Fisto to read my eyes.

He hasn't got a lot of on screen time in Star Wars: The Clone Wars so far, so I was happy to see him featured in the opening three episode arc of season four. The episodes take place underwater, and since that is Fisto's natural environment, it's a perfect fit. He throws himself into peril, takes on Riff Tamson, fights off aqua droids, and looks good while doing it.

I'm not alone in my feelings. Bonnie Burton, author of Draw The Clone Wars says, "I would gladly drown in his muscley green arms for a hug."

Thanks to Bonnie for the pics!


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