October 25, 2011

Rambling Round-Up

I am still writing wherever I can around the interwebs even though I have been a slacker about posting links. Here are some posts that have gone up over the past  month or so.

Nerdy Ways to Say I Do - So many geeky wedding options, so few weddings! Here's a round up of tips, photos, and links to inspire your special day. It includes Star Wars, dinosaurs, and oh so much more. (The funny thing? I love all these ideas but would never have the energy to execute them. Is there a Darth Vader chapel in Vegas instead of Elvis? That's what I would go for.)

The Best Web Series for Gamers - If you play tabletop or video games, these web series are made for you. Actually, I bet you'll LOL at them even if you aren't much of a gamer.

Once Upon a Time Pilot review - My thoughts on the first fairy tale show of the fall premiere season. I liked. A lot. Yeah, it surprised me too. I'll be reviewing Grimm's pilot episode later this week!

Ringer Pilot review - I realize this is less than timely news, but on the off chance you have Ringer backed up on your DVR, I reviewed the first three episodes for IGN. It does say a lot that I only reviewed three of them. Still, it's highly laughable for a drama!

Revenge Pilot review - I haven't watched this much current television in years! Oh wait - maybe that's something I shouldn't broadcast in a place where my editor can read it. Anyways. Revenge: very soap opera-y and silly. Neither of those things are necessarily bad.

Clone Wars Season 4 Premiere Coverage - I got to talk to the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the blue carpet at the season 4 premiere. Supervising Dave Filoni talks about what's to come in the new season (and I got to nerd out with him over Dune - that bit's not in the article!).

I also write several posts per week for Fashionably Geek and Nerd Approved.
And it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to keep an eye on Face In Your Cake. I have a few more things in the works, too (sleep is so overrated), as well as trying to keep this blog active and tidied up.

Whew. As always, thanks for reading my silly words.


  1. I watched Once Upon a Time based on your review, and was surprised how much I liked it! I want to know more and I'm frustrated the whole series isn't on Netflix already for me to watch in one weekend. ;)

  2. I love that Nerdy Ways To Say I Do link.

    With the power of a thousand perfectly-released white doves. Thank you!

  3. Trude - Right? I get used to mainlining shows through Netflix or on DVD, and it's hard to watch them as they air. :)

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