November 9, 2011

For Carl Sagan's birthday

Today is Carl Sagan's birthday. He would have been 77. It makes me sad that he hasn't been around to see our knowledge about the universe grow in leaps and bounds since his passing in 1996. He would have had so much valuable insight and passion to offer... still, he gave us so much. Remember him today. Watch an episode of Cosmos (it's even available on Hulu), declare your percentage of star stuff, and embrace the unknown. Listen to the story of how he and Ann Druyen fell in love (it's incredibly romantic). Choose any option from this list.

Listen to his "Pale Blue Dot" essay; I dare you not to be moved:

Commemorate the day by looking at the sky. Realize we are small in comparison but also, that we are mighty because we go out and explore.

Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan.


  1. I had the honor of hearing him speak at Mount Union College in 1988 or 1989. He was an incredible person. Thanks for the wonderful post.


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