November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday Deals (of the nerdy variety)

Yesterday, shoppers went crazy (and occasionally became violent) over Black Friday deals. If you survived the fight for the cheapest KitchenAid mixer, consider using your spending power for good today. It's Small Business Saturday. These are the businesses that perhaps need the most support to keep going in today's not-always-awesome economy. And guess what? Creators are small businesses. Keep the people who make the stories and products you love going. It's one of the best gifts you can give.

Here's a list of creators, designers, etc having sales online today. Support them if you can!

just jenn designs - justJENN is offering free shipping all weekend on her stationery, comics, buttons, and more. Everyone needs "Thanks for nothing" cards and a "you're on my sh*tlist" notepad! Don't forget to check out her sweet O.G. comics.

Love and Capes - Thom Zahler is offering all 18 issues of his superhero, romantic comedy for $39.99 (normally $60) and an equally incredible deal on prints. If you've been thinking of checking out this comic or getting for someone, why wait? Offers only available today.

Cow Shell Graphics - Mike Maihack is offering 30% off everything, including books and prints! He's the genius behind Cleopatra in Space and has a huge selection of ridiculously endearing art, including Catvengers. Offer available all weekend.

Luxury Lane Soap - This is the place that has Han Solo in Carbonite soap, game controller soap, and all manner of nerdtastic, high-quality product. This weekend you can get free shipping, 20% off your entire order, and more. Complete list of deals here.

Dragon Chow Dice Bags - Been wanting to buy one of the BEST dice bags ever designed? (I'm not exaggerating). Now's the time, and you can share the love. Buy three dice bags this weekend, and get the fourth free.

Roburbia - Artist Adam Levermore has created a new world, Roburbia, and just released some holiday cards featuring the inhabitants. Get 25% off the cards by using the code "cybermonday" at checkout.

The Oatmeal - I mean, technically, The Oatmeal is still a small business. Through midnight get deals on shirts, prints, magnets, and pretty much everything. You are bound to make someone laugh if you give them a gift from The Oatmeal.

Team Unicorn - Support your favorite unicorns by purchasing a shirt, print, poster, or tattoo at their online store. If you spend more than $20, get 25% off by using the promo code "unicorn" at checkout.

Marissa Crafts - Free shipping for the weekend; get scarves, Doctor Who themed jewelry, or a Space Invaders barette!

Sparkle J - 15% off the entire store and there are Jayne hats! Just saying.

Domestic Goddess Enterprises - 10% off everything until Monday! She has recycled blue tooth and dice jewelry. Shiny.

Have a deal you want included? Comment here or hit me up on Twitter, and I'll add it!


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