December 12, 2011

Nerdiest (and best) baby shower ever

Baby showers are not my thing. Besides the facts that I don't have the slightest idea what to do with babies and that pregnancy freaks me right out, the whole baby shower tradition isn't usually bearable. Mostly it's the silly games that turn me off. Sometimes they involve eating baby food or smearing stuff in diapers that you pass around and smell. Why would a person do such a thing? I can't understand. However. When a friend of mine, Autumn, announced her baby shower, I knew it would be epic and nerdy. I've found this statement to be true repeatedly: adding a sprinkle of geek makes any event infinitely better. It had that effect on the baby shower. Here's why Autumn's baby shower was awesome:

Exhibit A: Tauntaun with a life-sized head.
The party took place in a recently finished garage, and among the stacks of games and books rested a tauntaun. He was friendly.

Autumn's pet mynock dangled from the ceiling. You can learn how to make one just like it here.

Since her baby boy is sure to be the stallion who mounts the world, Autumn requested horse heart cupcakes from our talented friend Jenn. None of us ate the cupcakes Daenerys style (that clip is not for the faint of heart), but we really should have. Ah, hindsight.

Gifts included items to make her Wookiee the Chew themed nursery cozy, an array of onesies with Starfleet and Star Wars emblems, and stacks of books. I'd also like to mention here that Autumn opened all her presents with a knife. She held it in her teeth between gifts... yeah, I wouldn't tick her off.

The baby shower game was just as impressive. You had a list of prophecies, and you had to match the right character to the right destiny.

Finally, the best part of the shower: I kissed a tauntaun.


  1. Ooh, I want the blanket!! Where'd it come from? James Hance is my favorite!

    What an awesome shower, though!

  2. Yes!!! I also, would love to know where the Wookie the Chew fabric came from?!

  3. Aw... I need friends like you guys.

  4. I cannot believe that you do not have a link on your blog to the HER UNIVERSE website! You would really like the stuff they sell there. I own at least one of everything!

  5. OMG I'm going to make those cupcakes now!!!! Well, at least the hearts....

  6. I believe the blanket was made from a purchased print transferred to iron-on paper for fabric. I think it was just cut out and sewn on.

    @gatorfan70 - I own most of their line; I love Ashley and the products she's putting out there.

    @A.A. George - I had the cupcake baker buy me tiny heart molds for chocolates. :)

  7. I would LOVE a shower like this! Baby, bridal, birthday ... whatever!

  8. That's awesome! w00t for geek mamas!

  9. I'm about to go to my first baby shower, though I'm sure it won't be as awesomely geeky. Those horse heart cupcakes are amazing! And the prophecies matching game is such a good idea.

    I only hope that some day I'll have my own baby shower as geeky-cool as that :)

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