December 19, 2011

A Wishlist from Hoth

Ralph McQuarrie's Battle of Hoth
Hoth has a special place in my heart. It's weird that this planet reaches me the most; I don't have much love for the frigid locales of the world. Actually, not quite true. I can enjoy snow and cold with the condition of limited exposure. From the safety of my couch with a warm blanket, Hoth is magical. It's featured in my favorite of the Star Wars films. It has wampas, tauntauns, AT-ATs, memorable quotes, Han and Leia flirting, and did I mention the AT-ATs? Yeah, I have passion for this ice planet.

Thusly, a wishlist from Hoth:

Wampa. Rug.
Furry, soft, and it has two arms!

Down Sweater Vest
It's the closest and warmest thing to Leia's Hoth vest.

Hoth Skywalker Shoes
Sneakers may not be the most practical footwear on the tundra, but they blend right in.

So many tauntauns, so little time.
Also, while you're thinking about tauntauns listen to this dog sound exactly like one.

Washcloth Wampa
There's a wampa hiding in your bathroom closet! Get the Star Wars Craft Book to learn how to make this little guy.

Han's Snazzy Jacket
Lando dresses like Han, so why shouldn't you?

Cuddly AT-AT
You can squish this Imperial Walker as much as you want. I also recommend the slightly less huggable Galactic Heroes AT-AT.

Be a Probe Droid (#notaeuphemism)
Sneak around the planet and do investigations for the guy in black while donning this screenprinted Imperial Probe Droid tee.

Snowtrooper Memory
Get a Mimobot ready for the snow and 2-16GB of data.

I Heart Hoth


  1. Wampa Rug looks amazingly comfortable.

  2. The Wampa rug IS amazingly comfortable. And she forgot the TaunTaun sleeping bag which is even more comfy

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