January 6, 2012

Allons-y! (Or my new tattoo)

On the way home last night, I ended up at a tattoo parlor (the same one that did my Rebel Alliance tattoo). I left with fresh ink. It all sounds very impulsive, but I've had this in the back of my head for a while. I asked @CapSteveRogers to design this for me back in the fall. It's just how tattoos have worked for me. I know what I want, I might take a while to think about placement, and then one day I will decide it must be put on my skin and done immediately. That's been the case for four of my five tattoos anyways.

Why "allons-y?" It's a great motto for life and one I've particularly embraced in the past year. And of course I learned the phrase from the Tenth Doctor. It had to be in the closest shade possible of TARDIS blue. I'm in love with it.

If you're curious, two of my other tattoos are geek related. I have the Star Wars tattoo on my left shoulder, and I have the priestess crescent moon symbol from Mists of Avalon on my left hip.

If you like seeing geeky tattoos, let me remind you I did a whole series of posts on such tattoos and interviewed their owners.


  1. OMG it turned out amazing! I totally want to get ink in that same place too. Tennant is still my fave Doctor. :)

  2. The last step you will need to follow in very important. That is taking care of your new tattoo until it is fully healed. The tattoo shop will give you instructions that you should follow and will most likely give you ointment to use on your tattoo. Just remember to contact your doctor if something about your tattoo seems out of the ordinary (as discussed earlier). black lotus


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