January 21, 2012

Rambling Round-Up

Other things I've written around the interwebs this week:

Once Upon a Time: True North review - Not my favorite episode of the series, but Emma Caulfield was great as the Blind Witch.

Daredevil vs. Matt Murdock - The man vs the superhero and who I like better.

Quick Blurbs
Custom My Little Pony Hoodie
Daredevil Making Snow Angels
One Nail Polish to Rule Them All
Mystery Science Theater Locket
Indiana Jones Inspired Engagement Ring
Fan Made Hobbit Lego Sets
A Shrine for Snape
Throw Darts in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sadly, GeekChicLA is no longer. It's probably for the best though since I was just finding 5,000 more things in this city I need to do.


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