February 8, 2012

Star Wars Ships In Firefly

It turns out Han Solo in carbonite isn't the only appearance of Star Wars in Firefly. Though this isn't fresh news, it is news to me. My friend Eliot recently pointed out to me that a ship from the Star Wars Expanded Universe shows up in the Firefly episode Shindig. I love when my favorite sci-fi 'verses bleed into each other.

The Starlight Intruder (a Mobquet Medium Transport) is from the Dark Empire comics series. It was built by smugglers but eventually ended up in an Imperial impound. I prefer to think its final resting place was on Persephone owned by someone like Mal Reynolds.

Images from Wookieepedia
This scene takes place just after the crew has landed on Persephone (duh), and you can see the ship prominently in the background as the camera pans down to the crew. It also apparently made an appearance in War Stories, but I haven't tracked down a screen shot just yet.
And that's not all.

In the pilot episode, look to the skies as Inara docks her shuttle. There appears to be an Imperial shuttle overhead. It is a really tiny image, but the shape looks unmistakable to me.
Image from page 29 of the Official Companion
In the same vein, did you know that Serenity makes an appearance in the Battlestar Galactica miniseries?

Reader Adam Mitulinski pointed out to me that Serenity also makes an appearance in the Star Wars universe. Artist Tom Hodges included the Firefly class ship in the Evasive Action webcomic.

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