February 25, 2012

Stuff I've Written Lately (Rambling Round-Up)

Whew, what a month February has been. I've spent the month thoroughly cleaning out my place and putting together a Star Wars office, and then I was in Orlando for a week for theme parking and a comic book convention (yeah, pretty much the best combination). I've been writing up a storm for other sites this month, so here's a huge list!

Once Upon a Time reviews on IGN: There are parts I really like about this show, and I keep finding it to be entertaining. It's just not meaty if that makes sense.
"Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" Review
"Skin Deep" Review
"What Happened to Frederick" Review

Closet Cosplay Woes - Over at my Geek Fab column at Pink Raygun, I talk about why I like closet cosplay and why it's not a dirty phrase.

MegaCon 2012 Recap - All about my time at MegaCon last weekend, contains lots of costumes, toys, and Robot Chicken news!

Han Never Shot First? - Yeah, just read on.

Over at Blastoff Comics, it's all about EC Comics this month. I've been reading Tales from the Crypt and other suspenseful and wacky titles:
Horror Comes with a Lot of Exclamation Points - The style of EC Comics especially makes me happy, including all the punctuation.
The Glamorous and The Grisly - Ladies in evening gowns, gruesome murders - EC Comics have both.

Quick Blurbs
Bottle of Wits: The Princess Bride Wine
Tetris On Your Legs
Blade Runner Meets Lego
Bite Sized Millennium Falcons
Nail Polish Inspired by the Amazing Spider-Man
The Best of Firefly/Serenity Quotes On a T-Shirt
Build Your Own LEGO Cover Journal
Sam Witwer Brings Darth Maul Back in The Clone Wars

Stay tuned for a post all about Wizarding World on Nerd Approved next week! I'm also planning a little pdf photo diary of my theme park adventures!

Also, new costume:

Two Years Ago
Meeting Felicia Day & Dr. Horrible Screening

One Year Ago
Interview with Brandon & Emma Peat: Creators of A is for Ackbar


  1. Hi there, the closet cosplay piece was interesting! I've never heard that before, but then until very recently I called what I do 'fancy dress'... (I blame being English) I could really use a glossary of those terms.

    Anywho, I agree that anything getting more people involved is a good thing! My first cosplay experience was to report on the EuroCosplay finals in the UK and all the costumes had to be at least 75% made from scratch. They were amazing, but also intimidating, so I've always been a bit afraid of calling what I do cosplay (I mix making props, modifying, buying and closet stuff). But I'm saving for a sewing machine and practising ;D

    Thank you for writing about this- I'll be on the lookout for more!

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