March 31, 2012

Stuff I've written lately

If you're new 'round here, first of all, welcome! Second of all, I write for a handful of different sites and try to post links to my other stuff once a week or every couple of weeks. Here's the list:

Once Upon a Time: "Heart of Darkness" Review - The evidence starts to stack up against Snow White; do you believe she did it?

Once Upon a Time: "Hat Trick" Review - Sebastian Stan takes a turn as the Mad Hatter in my favorite episode of the series yet.

The Scarlet Speedster - Silver Age DC month at Blastoff was a lot of fun; it was a time period of goofy. Read about Flash and "deadly gorilla thought waves." Really. I can't make that up.

Just how many Earths do you need - In which I marvel at all the Earths in the DC universe.

My Favorite Nicknames of the Silver Age - Silver Age villains and heroes had some downright hilarious nicknames; these are my favorites.

Quick Blurbs


  1. "Marvel" at all the earths in the DC universe...HA!

  2. love it. I hope that more and more Blogger will use this feature in the future, because it just makes the internet better I think!
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